Prologue: Hyperion

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Hyperion Ark

Prologue: Hyperion is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Prologue: Hyperion Information

"Equip yourself for a scouting mission, and report to the hanger bay."




  1. Optional: Check on your sister
  2. Investigate the malfunction
  3. Scan the power conduit to locate the fault
  4. Reset the power relay
  5. Head to the tram
  6. Activate the tram
  7. Get your helmet
  8. Collect a sidearm
  9. Report to the hanger bay




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 Once you are awoken from cryo sleep you will have to make some dialogue choices with Dr. T'Perro and then with SAM. The ship will then experience an impact. Once you have control of Ryder you can optionally check on the pod of your twin or you can leave the room. You can examine the wall for some info about your mission as well as some datapads by the beds. You can also elect to chat with some of the people before advancing. Even in crisis there's always time for talk right?

 When you progress through there will be an explosion to your left. User your scanner to find the component that is busted. Go up the steps and reset the power relay. Head through and follow Cora. Activate the transport to move on.

 You will come to an argument between Captain Dunn and Alec Ryder. Pick one to side with. It will be decided that the Pathfinder will have to land on the planet to see if it's good to land. Speak with Cora and take the helmet and weapon and you can explore around for some datapads and people you can interact with. Alec will speak and then you'll head into ships to depart for the golden world.




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