Power Combos in Mass Effect Andromeda are combat moves players can use with their squad Characters to perform devastating damage. Power Combos activate when a player or a squadmate primes an enemy or group of enemies, setting them up for the kill, and then another squadmate jumps in to finish the job. Players can upgrade their squadmates improve their ability at priming or detonating Power Combos.


Power Combos

Skills are what are used for both priming and detonating power combos. These are the following Skills you can use for both parts of a Power Combo.


Squad Combos

These are the skills your squad mates will use in concert with you.

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    • Anonymous

      29 Mar 2017 02:21  

      what i learned from reddit, first my questions

      1st) does it make a difference (dmg wise) wether i detonate a combo with lvl 1 throw or max dmg specced lance?

      2nd) is the combo dmg affected by passives like "offensive biotic" fourth point amplitude which gives +10% power dmg and +20% power strength?

      3rd) does the 6th point in "offensive biotic" biotic expert increase the dmg of the combo?

      4th) does something else affect the dmg of a biotic combo? like e.g. booster or (in multiplayer) map modificators that dampen or boost biotics?

      5th) does the biotic explosion have a secondary effect? i saw that tech explosions leave an electric field on the ground which does dmg over time :O so does biotic explosion do sth too? (while we r at it, does fire/ice explosion have a secondray effect?)

      6th) does a tech combo do more dmg to armor/shields then a biotic combo? and vice versa r biotic combos stronger vs unshielded + unarmored enemys then tech combos? what is the strongest combo?

      7th) feel free to add what i forgot to ask


      now the answers that i got

      1) Yes. The detonation combo base damage is based on the ranks of both primer and detonator ranging from 2 (both are rank 1 to 12 when both are rank 6).

      2) Yes and no. The combo detonation damage itself is not affected by biotic power however the overall damage you deal is consists of damage from primer (e.g. singularity damage per second), then damage from detonator (e.g. Lance) which are both affected by %Biotic Power Damage. Then the combo detonation damage is added on top of it with separate %damage increase as for instance Rank 5 "Offensive Biotic" power named "Detonation".

      3) As per previous point since Rank 6 offensive biotics adds 30% damage for Biotic Powers it does not increase the damage of combo detonation. However it increases the damage of all biotic powers used to prime and detonate the combo.

      4) Any debuff effect such as Rank 5 Pull "Expose" that increased damage dealt onto affected target by 30%.

      5) If you use Adept profiles biotic detonations can have "echoes" which means if detonation touches another target it triggers secondary detonation. This can be very powerful if you manage to get the detonation off on multiple targets (e.g. Keth right as they jump off the ship).

      6) Supposedly Tech combos deal more damage to shield and can cause stun. Biotic detonation has force back component and maybe cause more damage to Armor?

      7) Supposedly combos do more base damage with higher difficulty. So they should be more useful for those playthroughs compared to weapon damage.

      another guy added

      5) the echoes will hit any target that is within a certain radius, whether or not they got hit by the explosion from the Biotic Combo. The radius is extremely large and ignore cover, walls and all kind of stuff. The Echoes also applies a force effect like the Biotic Combo does. Making it quite hilarious to use on unshielded/unarmored targets as they get pushed like a rag doll across nearly a hundred meters worth of distance (Or more depending on the angle and terrain).

      6) Tech Combo stun on activation against unshielded targets, deals slightly more damage to shield and leaves a trail of electricity that deals damage over time and stagger unshielded and unarmored targets. Biotic Combo deals high damage without any plus or minus to health, shield or armor, apply a force effect on enemies which either stagger, knockdown, push them away or do nothing depending on their weight, shield and/or armor. Fire Combo deals high explosive damage to armor and health with low damage to shield and stagger unshielded enemies.

      • Anonymous

        28 Mar 2017 09:11  

        what affects combo dmg? does it make a difference wether i detonate a combo with lvl 1 throw or max dmg specced lance?

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