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Planetside is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Planetside Information

"Alec Ryder theorizes that the alien tower is linked to the planet's dangerous weather. He believes accessing the tower may enable your shuttle to leave. Ensure that he and the rest of the team survive until your father gathers the necessary information."




  1. Locate other members of the Pathfinder team
  2. Optional: Test your weapon on a damaged fuel cell
  3. Protect Fisher
  4. Locate the second shuttle
  5. Defend the Pathfinder team from hostile aliens
  6. Defend the Pathfinder team from hostile aliens
  7. Locate the Pathfinder
  8. Optional: Locate Greer
  9. Optional: Investigate the flares
  10. Optional: Investigate the alien ruins
  11. Optional: Find a way to access the sealed room
  12. Optional: Investigate the alien facility
  13. Optional: Investigate the crashed alien ship
  14. Follow the Pathfinder
  15. Defend the Pathfinder
  16. Optional: Order Cora and Liam to defend both flanks (2/2)
  17. Defend the Pathfinder
  18. Decryption Progress
  19. Open the door




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 You will find Liam and yourself stranded after being jettisoned. Scan everything you can in this mission to start accumulating the research points you will need in Crafting. Scan the QEC relay and the flora around here. Follow the trail of debris to come to a field being hit by lightning. Use your boost to run across it. 

 Once across scan the fuel cell and then shoot it to destroy it and continue along the path to find some ammo. You'll get to know Liam as you search for the crew and are show how to scale across walls and ledges. You'll see a large structure emit a beam in the distance. You can choose to react and see Fisher with a new race. You can opt how you want to react and then engage with the aliens. If you don't attack them, they will attack Fisher. Take them out and check on Fisher. You'll pick up some optional objectives and will find more as you discover things. You can scan the corpse and search the debris for supplies. Check around for Items and Weapons you can make use of. 

 From this pont you can go in some different ways. The path to the right will lead you to Kirkland and three enemies. Take them out and examine him for a cutscene. At the building you can scan the door and pillar. From here you can head right to a gorge with pillars or go left to progress the mission on the main path.

 On the main path, head down the burning fallout of wreckage. Along the way you will come across the atmospheric sensor. Interact with it for some info and keep going. You'll come to 3 enemies. Take them out and scan the area. 

 At the fork in the road you can take either to come to more wreckage. Check the shuttle for some loot and watch for the enemy ambush. Defeat them and head east of the structure and follow the radio signal to find Greer mixed up with 2 foes. Save him, mind the acid and continue going east. After passing a lightning field, a cave icon will pop up on the map. Head toward and find a tree inside along with an insect. Scan everything and head south to the crashed ship. Take out the 5 enemies and loot the area and go north towards the flares. This is the area you can get to if you platformed across the pillars you saw earlier.

 Head north and mind the enemies that come out of the door and keep going. Assist your squad in taking out the 3 waves of enemies. After the second wave watch out for the cloaked foes as well as a heavy foe. Head just past the large door to find Alec. Speak to him and go with him into battle. Take out the foes and explore the building for some loot. 

 At the control center you'll encounter a big foe and some troops. Defeat them and another wave will arrive. Assign your squad to each side and focus on one side at a time. Once you take down a few foes, they will retreat. Help Alec get through the door. A series of events will transpire and a cutscene will play. With Alec dead, you are now the Pathfinder. A cutscene will play that shows the aliens investigating the effects of Alec's actions.




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