Nexus Reunion

Priority Ops
A Better Beginning

Nexus Reunion is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Nexus Reunion Information

"The Hyperion has docked with the Nexus, the support hub for Andromeda Initiative teams."




  1. Travel to the Nexus via tram
  2. Accompany Kandros to Nexus Operations via tram
  3. Speak with Director Tann in Pathfinder Headquarters




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 You will be met by Captain Dunn and you will be on the Nexus, the central base for the Milky Way explorers. Head into the tram to reach the common area. Speak to Avina and then head through the area and speak to a construction worker. You'll learn some more about the dark matter anomaly called the Scourge. Take the tram to ops.

 Kandros will tell you about a mutinty and subsequent exile which resulted in a skeleton crew for the Nexus. You will then speak to the director Jarun Tann. Navigate these dialogues and you can freely explore the Nexus. 

 You now have the freedom to explore the Nexus and chat to as many of the residents as you'd like. You can visit the scientists past the security area in Ops for some Additional Tasks:

 There are other tasks you can gather so make sure to engage with people. Once you're finished, head to Tann's office to find Cora there. He will tell you about the hostile Kett and direct you to one of the golden worlds they've identified. As you head out, SAM will request a meeting. Chat with Tann about the missing arks and then the next mission, A Better Beginning will begin.




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