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The Journey to Meridian

Meridian - The Way Home is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


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Use the Galaxy Map interface to set a return trip to Khi Tasira (what was once thought of as Meridian), in the Civki system. Search the destroyed Remnant and any containers in the  landing area, then continue to the next room to the west.  The Archon has not only begun an assault on the Hyperion, but it's also compromised and infiltrated Ryder's connection with SAM. It's up to the sibling to reboot the connection.

 Now you will play as the Ryder sibling, move west down the Hyperion and arm yourself  on the way. Defeat the hostiles on your way, open the door ahead to find Captain Dunn. Help her, then follow her to reach the maintenance access tunnel.  Run north and break left to get into the maintenance tunnel while Captain Dunn provides a distraction. Get to the command center room to the northwest and use the console to send a reset signal to reboot SAM's connection with the Pathfinder.

 Now back to your main character, interface with the Remnant console to open the door. Make your way back to the Gravity Well to transport yourself to a docking bay. Exit south for another cutscene. While the Archon dealt a devastating blow, a weakened Ryder confidently summons a fleet of Remnant ships to aid in the inevitable war.

 Back on the Tempest, speak to your crew before launching the main story's final mission. After a space battle, the Nomad is hot-dropped on Meridian's “interior surface.”Drive southwest, down the massive canyon. When you are forced to left Nomad, prepare for kett ambush. On an upper platform to the west is a rare kett container, search it, then begin cutting through the kett troops to the southwest. After the initial wave, reinforcements arrive to help you (who arrives to help depends on your choices throughout the game). In addition, any Pathfinders you've helped along the way (such as in the quests, “Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten” and “Cora Harper: Asari Ark”) make an entrance to help you out in this final culmination with the Archon. Defeat the rest of the hostile troops, then search the bodies and containers in the area.

Proceed to Meridian control, interface with the nearby Remnant console to reveal a Gravity Well. Take the Gravity Well down, deep into the Meridian vault. After you deal with the enemies here, make your way south through the massive vault. Exit the hall into an open area consisting of large platforms, a large kett force will ambush you here.You can try to throw or knock them off into the abyss below.

Defeat the kett reinforcements, search for containers , then proceed south to a Remnant console . Interface with the console to enable a bridge leading east. Cross the bridge, turn right, then move south until you reach another bridge-enabling Remnant console. Interface with it to raise a bridge to the west. Keep move forward, going south into a large auditorium-like room. 

Defeat next wave of kett, moving forward and deal with the enemies on your way. After cut scene, there is a large number of enemies awaiting. After you clear this area, search for containers, then use the Gravity Well to continue to the final area to confront the Archon.  There are containers you can search on the entrance pathway to the Control Heart. At the end of the area is a Gravity Well. Use it to transport yourself  around the heart of Meridian.  Search the container behind you, then proceed all the way south when you're ready for the final boss.  

The first stage of final boss battle, you need to eliminate all enemies to trigger a cutscene. (Also changes the terrain). In the second stage, disable power relays to weaken the Archon's connection with the Architect. Remnant units spawn on your way to the navpoint. Clear the first group, then reach the relay to the northwest, fortify and defend the position while your sibling works on hacking the Architect's conduits.  Keep attacking Architect's targetable head conduit while your sibling distract it. When the power relay console is ready, this battle will proceed to next stage.

 At start of this stage, your sibling will direct you to a console in the westernmost part of the area. Interface with it to raise platforms you can use to cross. Cross to the south section, protect yourself using covers. Let your sibling to bridge the gap. When your sibling completes the bridge hack, defeat the rest of the Remnant enemies, then cross the chasm to the north using the raised platforms. Use cover to deal with enemies on the way, then proceed to your navpoint.  Stay within the confines indicated by the radial markers on the floor while taking out enemies. Destroy the head conduit of Architect, but beware of its attacks. Once sufficient time has passed, interface with the nearby power relay console, then eliminate any remaining threats. Return south to the central Remnant console (facing the Archon in the distance). Activate it to completely disconnect the Archon, effectively beating the main story.



  • Before you progress past this point of no return, it's highly recommended that you've exhausted and completed the objectives in the Allies and Relationships mission, “Missing Arks.” Following the leads to these arks allow you to recruit and rescue the Pathfinders from Ark Natanus (turian) and Ark Leusinia (asari). These leads open up “Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten” and “Cora Harper: Asari Ark.” If you haven't completed these quests, do so before you launch into the final operation. Another quest line to consider completing before the final mission is “Know Your Enemy” in the Resistance Headquarters on Voeld.
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      Don't forget saving the Salarian Ark too! The Salarians are immensely loyal and also excellent strategists and techies! The Salarian Pathfinder is a useful ally.

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