Making an Impression

Secondary Ops

Complete A Better Beginning then return and speak to Hainly Abrams


Prodromos, Eos


A Better Beginning

Making an Impression is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Making an Impression Information

"Eos is experiencing seismic activity. Altering the tremors with a survey hammer might allow better irrigation for Prodromos."




  1. Place the first seismic hammer
  2. Place the second seismic hammer
  3. Investigate the stragners at the site
  4. Place second hammer to drill for water or natural gas
  5. Place the third hammer
  6. Defeat the Remnant Architect




  • Vault-Forged Relay
  • Shield Capacitors
  • Universal Semiconductor
  • Tech Damage Module
  • Duration Boost Module
  • Remnant Core (7)
  • Fusion Mod of Biotoc Master I
  • ??




 Eos is dealing with some seismic activity and you can help by placing hammer about. The location for the first hammer is the Remnant monolity by the forward station at Sawtooth Plateau. Approach it and activate it which will trigger a Remnant attack. Take them out and continue.

 Proceed to the Remnant monoliths to place a second hammer. Approach it and you'll find some people. Chat with the guy in the tent where the navpoint leads. He will suggest a trade of gas for water. If you agree he will direct you to the hammer. You will now have to choose which point to drill because you can't do both. One yields water, and the other yields natural gas. Regardless of which you choose you will have to fight. 

 Once you choose a spot to drill, a navpoint shows up for where to place the last hammer and Remnant emerge again. Defeat them and place the hammer. 


Remnant Architect

 When you place the third hammer, a massive Remnant called an Architect will emerge from the ground. Each planet you settle will have one of these. You have to destroy the head conduit to beat it. To expose the head you have to wound one of it's leg conduits. When you fully destroy a leg it will reposition. Each time it repositions you have to adjust your takedown strategy. 

 The first phase of the battle tasks you with destroying the leg conduits. You have 30 seconds to take out one leg before a Remnant wave arrives. When the wave is active the conduits close making it invulnerable. You can either kill everything or just stay alive to bring the wave portion to an end. Eventually the leg phase will commence, and some Remnant may still be around. Destroying a leg cause an EMP explosion that will destroy any synthetics left. The second phase will have you destroy the head conduits. High damage snipers are useful in this case. Every time it's vulnerable you can take off a quarter health every time you can fire at the conduit. It's quite deadly during this phase. Stay in cover and make your shots from safety. 

 Once you defeat it, it falls to the ground and you can interact with a point in its mouth to reprogram it. You will get a load of AVP and XP from defeating it. 




  • First appearance of Remnant Architect on Eos
  • ??


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