Life on the Frontier

Secondary Ops

Speak to Sid in Addison's office, or read her “Something Suspicious” email


Nexus Operations


Mission 2, Nexus Phase 2 after opening Aya

Life on the Frontier is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Life on the Frontier Information

Nexus interests have been attacked by the mercenary group called the Three Sabers. Vetra's sister Sid thinks there's something suspicious going on, as the Three Sabers seem to have detailed knowledge of Nexus plans and movements.




  1. Meet with Sid on the Nexus.
  2. Investigate space attacks on Nexus ships.
  3. Follow the Three Sabers to their hideout on Kadara.
  4. Defeat the Three Sabers.
  5. Search the Hideout.
  6. Speak to Yale on Eos
  7. Confront Addison.
  8. Choose to side with Addison or Sid.




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 Read email "Something Suspicious" from Sid, or talk to her while she's in Addison's office on the Nexus.

 Investigate navpoints Sid gave you. (Solminae, Joba, Nalesh, and Jirayder)

 After investigate four shipwreckages, you will learn the Three Sabers' location on Kadara.

 Go to Three Sabers' hideout on Kadara, then search the place for datapad.

 Speak to Yale on Eos, then confront Addison on Nexus.





  • Save before starting this mission their are some minor bugs that make completing the mission difficult.
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