Initiative Helmet

Tech Type
Bonus 1

+0-2% Max Shields

Bonus 2


Bonus 3


Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost


Initiative Helmet is an Helmet in Mass Effect Andromeda. It can be purchased from Merchants or developed from Blueprints via Crafting. This page will be updated with the relevant data and requirements when more is known.


Initiative Helmet Information

""Standard-issue Andromeda Initiative hardsuits are designed for exploration as much as combat, combining jump-jets, high-grade external and internal sensors, and a variety of atmospheric filters with the usual kinectic barrier generators and ceramic armor plating. Personnel equipped in these suits can enter and leave alien biomes without fear of contamination-or hostile wildlife."



Materials Needed

  1. Omni-Gel Canister
  2. Beryllium
  3. Fluorite
  4. Titanium



Where to Find/Location

  • Can be researched and developed in the research centers.
  • Buyable from merchants




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    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2017 09:58  

      I know the Initiative online has offered special equipment, or maybe it was limited to just the helmet, I'm not too sure.
      I bought the Deluxe edition which is why I am not sure what came from where.
      Anyways, once you get on the Tempest, go to your main quarters. Walk over by SAM and your email terminal. There will be a thing nearby where you can claim your special equipment. The name of these interactive object flashed really quick with me so I don't know what it was even called, there is something right next to it as well which made this flicker. So two things to grab there I guess! Don't miss it! Can provide further detail if needed, specifically on what the equipment is and what is does.

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