Initiative Chest

Chest Armor
Tech Type
Milky Way Tech
Bonus 1

+2-3% Encounter XP Increase

Bonus 2

+0-3% Max Shields

Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost


Initiative Chest is a Chest Armor in Mass Effect Andromeda. It can be purchased from Merchants or developed from Blueprints via Crafting


Initiative Chest Information

"Standard-issue Andromeda Initiatve hardsuits are designed for exploration as much as combat, combining jump-jets high-grade external and internal sensors, and a variety of atmospheric filters with the usual kinetic barrier generators and ceramic armor plating. Personnel equipped in these suits can enter and leave alien biomes without fear of contamination-or hostile wildlife."



Materials Needed

  1. Omni-Gel Canister
  2. Beryllium
  3. Fluorite
  4. Titanium



Where to Find/Location

  • Can be researched and developed in research centers.
  • Can be purchased from merchants.




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