Hyperguardian Helmet

Tech Type
Bonus 1

+5-20% Max Health

Bonus 2

+1-12% Max Shields

Bonus 3


Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost

35 + 5

Hyperguardian Helmet is an Helmet in Mass Effect Andromeda. It can be purchased from Merchants or developed from Blueprints via Crafting. This page will be updated with the relevant data and requirements when more is known.


Hyperguardian Helmet Information

"HyperGuardian hardsuits were built by Kassa Fabrication as a civilian-friendly alternative to the Colossus line intended for private security in heavy-fire situations or extreme environmental conditions. The Initiative considered the bulky and unbreakable HyperGuardian a perfect choice for protecting vulnerable new colonies."



Materials Needed

  1. Omni-Gel Canister
  2. Scale Fibers
  3. Nickel
  4. Titanium



Where to Find/Location

  • Can be researched and developed in the research centers.




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  • ??


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