Explorer is a Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Explorer Information

"The Explorer is a jack-of-all-trades, with abilities ranging from combat and tech to biotics.

This profile reconfigures Ryder's mind and body to be as versatile as possible, permitting him to switch rapidly between firing weapons, deploying technology, and wielding biotic powers."



Explorer Strategies

  • Early Game - aside from your starting profile chosen by training, this is the easiest profile to gain.  It's especially useful if you want to try out a variety of different skills, because odds are they'll get a benefit from this profile.

  • General Combat - quite easily the one profile that you could feasibly use an entire playthrough and never change.  While you get more usage of Tech abilities and more bang for Biotic skills, you also get a decent bonus to weapon damage.  So if you find yourself using powers and weapons in about equal measure, then the Explorer profile means you're not selling yourself short no matter your playstyle.

  • Boss Battles - similiar to General Combat, the Explorer's main strength is that you don't need to focus on any particular aspect.  You can switch between firing weapons and unleashing a Tech power or two, and then use a Biotic ability for some crowd control.

  • Notable Skills - given the nature of the Explorer profile, it's hard to pin down any "top-tier" skills, but basically anything Tech that you want to use rapidly (Energy Drain is an excellent candidate), and anything Biotic that is a damage-dealer (Charge, Nova, Lance)



Explorer Ranks

Points required in Combat, Biotics, and Tech
Weapon Damage
Damage Resistance
Tech Recharge Speed
Biotic Power Damage
Power Restoration & Defense
(1) Explorer 2  +5%  +5%  +15%  +15% +15%  
(2) Pioneering Seeker 8  +7%   +7%  +20%  +20%  +20%  
(3) Pioneering Researcher 18  +9%  + 9%  +25%  +25%  +25% Biotic Blink: Evades allow you to quickly traverse a short distance, even seemingly passing through solid matter.
(4) Pioneering Scientist 33  +11%  +11%  +30%  +30%  +30%  
(5) Pioneering Hero 52  +13%  +13%  +35%  +35%  +35%  
(6) Andromeda Explorer 78  +15%  +15%  +40%  +40%  +40%  

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