Engineer is a Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Engineer Information

"Engineers are experts at both offensive and defensive tech powers. This power reconfigures Ryder's implant, enabling him to maintain constant control of a small combat drone which assists and protects him in battle."



Engineer Strategies

  • Early Game - picking the Engineer training at character creation will give you this to start, but otherwise is one of the most difficult to level up, since it only uses Tech skills investment.  The drone is very handy with said tech powers, and acts as a fail-safe if enemies get too close.  Similar to the Adept, you'll want to stick to medium or even long range and unleash powers at the enemies.

  • General Combat - given the Engineer's bonuses, using contructs is a must.  Ideally, every time an enemy engages you in combat, they're actually fighting two, three, even FOUR of you.  Using the tech powers that count as constructs (the skill menu tells you which those are) to set up choke-points or traps is very effective at keeping enemies away from you, and many tech powers can be upgraded to both prime and detonate, taking advantage of the profiles boost to combo damage.

  • Boss Battles - there's a useful binary approach to fighting boss enemies, and that's determined by how you want to use the Combat Drone (the Engineer's specialty perk) in said fight.  The drone improves your tech recharge speeds while active, but detonates when enemies get too close, stunning them and dealing damage.  The downside of that detonation is that you lose the tech recharge bonus, and any passives or skills that use *# of constructs* as part of it's math will be reduced.
    If you stay at long ranges, then focus on combos to deal damage, with constructs supplementing.
    If you want to be close range, then take advantage of your constructs to distract and damage the boss while handling any enemies that get caught in Combat Drone's EMP blast.

  • Notable Skills - the Engineer gets no bonus towards biotics or combat skills, as this profile is arguably tied with Adept to be the most "restricting" in terms of ideal powers to use.  However, what you lose in versatility you gain in making the skills you DO have becoming much greater than the sum of their parts.

    Assault Turret, a returning classic, gets a lot of bonuses from the Engineer, and is useful for having superior numbers on the battlefield, can be assigned a target, detonated for damage... the uses are many.

    Any tech skill that can be both a primer and a detonator, because of the boost to combo damage.



Engineer Ranks

Skill Points Required in Tech
All Combo Damage
Tech Construct Health
Tech Construct Health Regen
Tech Construct Damage
Tech Restoration & Defense
(1) Engineer 6 +20% +20% +20% +20% +20% COMBAT DRONE: A small drone improves recharge rate for tech powers and self destructs with an EMP pulse if enemies get close.
(2) Technical Operator 34 +25% +25% +25% +25%  +25%
(3) Technical Combatant 54 +30% +30% +30% +30% +30%
(4) Technical Overseer 99 +35% +35% +35% +35% +35%
(5) Technical Savant 156 +40% +40% +40% +40% +40%
(6) Master Engineer 232 +45% +45% +45% +45% +45%


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