Doesn't Add Up

Secondary Ops
Majordomo Bell-Scott



Settle Eos or Naming the Dead

Doesn't Add Up is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Doesn't Add Up Information

There's evidence that a shuttle escaped the destruction of Resilience. The shuttle followed a standard Turian tactical pattern to avoid kett, which means SAM can predict their course.




  1. Speak with Majordomo Bell-Scott
  2. Scan the four emergency muster sites
  3. Search the Eriksson Sector for the missing shuttle




  • AVP
  • Eos Viability +2%




 Find the majordomo in Prodromo on the first floor of the furthest building from the Tempest. During your chat with Bell-Scott get info and he'll ask you to check the consoles at 4 muster sites. 

 Check out the locations of the 4 sites. Scan the shuttle burns by each site. The closest is on a mountain SW from Site 1: Promise. Scan the other on the hill NE from Site 1: Promise. Scan the next on the hill west from Site 2: Resilience. Scan the next on the lake shore south of Site 2: Resilience. 

 Make your way back to the Tempest bridge and go to the Eriksson system. Once there, perform a scan on the system to find 2 consecutive hits. The first is a kett wreckage. Investigate it and select the wreckage. Leave the wreckage and scan the system again to find an Initiative shuttle. Fly in and examine it find survivors. 




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    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to scan the last point (the one farthest east/southeast, but can't get anywhere close on the ground. Also tried climbing over the hills from the closest location ot that one, near site 1, and all of it has level 3 radiation. Whoever typed the walkthrough above failed to mention how they actually got close to the navpoint. That would have been helpful.

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