Beam Emitter

Remnant Tech Augmentations
Research Cost
200 Remnant Research Date
Development Cost
200 Remnant Research Date

Beam Emitter is an Augmentation in Mass Effect Andromeda.  Augmentations are special optional components which can be added into a Blueprint when developing Weapons or Armor to customize them. They can grant various bonuses to an item or even change its basic functionality.


Beam Emitter Information

"This is a Gun Projectile augmentation. You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process.


Beam Emitter Effects

  • Weapon: Changes weapon-fire type to an energy beam



Where to Find/Location

  • Reseach and Development Terminal




  • ??
  • ??


    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2017 07:59  

      This does insane DMG now I put it on lvl6 Hornet and it melts everything on insanity tho it does not work with Bio converter as when the clip is empty it stops channeling...

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2017 14:11  

        I combined this mod with the Bio-converter (no reloading) mod and I can fire a continuous laser. I attached it to a level 5 Rozerad thinking that it would be powerful. I ruined this weapon. It barely does any damage to normal enemies. I was hoping that it would do extra damage to at least shileds or armor...nope. It looks cool firing it though, but it's worthless becasue it barely does any damage. I'm playing on normal.

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2017 18:18  

          It massively lowers damage output but makes the weapon perfectly accurate. Useful on lower difficulties maybe.

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