Avela Kjar

Full Name
Avela Kjar
Male only

Avela Kjar is a Character in Mass Effect Andromeda


Avela Kjar Information

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Romancing Avela Kjar

  1. You meet her when you first visiting Aya. After talking to Evfra, go down to the docks and find Avela.
  2. When talking to Avela in the docks, choose "To meet people like you" option.
  3. During the mission Recovering the Past go to the museum on Aya and find Avela there.
  4. During the mission Forgotten History go back to museum on Aya and speak with Avela. While chatting choose following options:
    • "I did it for you."
    • "You got it."
    • "Not everything, thanks to you." (After returing to instrument)
    • "Hope it helps my chances" (After you have returned the figurine)
  5. After the mission The Journey to Meridian check your email to receive a message from Avela. After you have read the message go back to Aya and head to the waterfall. Avela will be standing in front of the waterfall. Speak to her and choose to go in for a second kiss.




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