Assembler is an Enemy in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Assembler Information

"Remnant Assemblers were nicknamed for their ability to create smaller units known as "breachers". Each Assembler contains a reservoir of an unknown ferrofluid similar to omni-gel, which can be used to 3D-print Breachers on the spot with alarming speed.

Tactically, Assemblers focus on manufacturing reinforcements, moving to safe distances during combat. If approached while in its hostile mode, the Assembler can jettison the partially complete power core of a Breacher, which acts like an explosive grenade, causing massive damage to enemies and allowing the Assembler to withdraw.

Upon creating a Breacher, the Assembler transfers a full copy of its stored recent memory and battlefield disposition to the new Remnant, ensuring it is combat-ready almost immediately. This capability means the Assembler is constantly branching and partitioning its memory in preparation without loss of data, an interesting characteristic that may be usefull in future artificial intelligence designs."



Combat Information

  • Weak Point: Central “eye”  

  • Health & Resilience: Normal, no immunities  

  • Mobility Options: Standard speed; can walk, run, boost up and down ledges  

  • Preferred Range: Medium to Long  

  • Weapons/Attacks: Rifle-Type Laser, Evasive Caltrop Bombs, Breacher “Grenades,” Breacher 3D-Printing




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