Anointed is an Enemy in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Anointed Information

"The kett soldiers known as Anointed appear to be of similar caste to the Chosen: infantry equipped with light armor. Anointed, however, wield heavy plasma cannons, making them a rallying point for other kett forces, and shield themselves with kinetic barriers against splashback. A barrage from an Anointed's plasma cannon can shred through enemy barriers and severely damage ground vehicles.

Communication intercepts suggest that Anointed assist in coordianting Chosen squads and act in an NCO role. It is unclear if the term "Anointed" refers to a senior rank amongst the Chosen, or if Anointed are part of a separate division within the kett infantry.



Combat information

  • Weak Point: Head  

  • Health & Resilience: Shielded, protected from most disabling effects while shields are up  

  • Mobility Options: Slower walk speed when firing; can run, sprint, vault  

  • Preferred Range: Medium




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