Andromeda Viability Points or AVP in Mass Effect Andromeda is covered in this page.


AVP Information

The Andromeda Viability Points system, or AVP, is activated after complete A Better Beginning. Through this system Ryder can wake up certain blocks of people to earn perks.

Talk to Director Addison and her assistant Brecka in Nexus Operations to unlock the system. Then Ryder can use AVP at a terminal on Tempest or on the Nexus Operations to wake up more people.

Science Pods

  • Lab Technicians: Lab technicians help the Nexus science team analyze Heleus data with increased efficiency. This time-based rewards awards research points at regular intervals.
  • Mining Operations: The Nexus allocates resources for setting up mining stations around Heleus. This time-based reward gives a selection of minerals at regular intervals.
  • Improved Development: The Nexus improves its processes for greater efficiency. It’s a permanent reward that increases Research Data gain from all sources by 10%. It requires you have Lab Technicians perk first.
  • Expanded Field Analysis: Forward Stations are equipped with an array of probes, drills, and sensors so that automated systems can detect mineral resources even over distances. This permanent reward makes additional common mining nodes available. Requires Mining Operations perk.

Military Pods

  • Munitions: Friends in the Systems Alliance make sure the Pathfinder’s crew is always well-equipped. This time-based reward give a drop of consumable supplies at regular intervals.
  • Hunting Parties: Expert combatants seek out Heleus wildlife to learn the best strategies to survive encounters. The time-based reward gives organic materials at regular intervals.
  • Special Forces: Highly trained squads venture into kett territory to test their defenses. The time-based reward gives tech materials at regular intervals.
  • Reconnaissance: Nexus engineers attach long-range sensors and monitoring systems to Initiative forward stations. The permanent reward reveals hidden caches around established forward stations.
  • Advanced Training: Increase the number of Nexus security forces to allow the Initiative to insist on military training for colonists, boosting their confidence in dangerous situations. The permanent reward grants a 10% XP bonus for completing encounters. Requires one of the following: Munitions, Hunting Parties, Special Forces, or Reconnaissance.
  • Always Prepared: Nexus Security develops a method for squads to carry more gear into the field. The permanent reward unlocks on extra consumables slot. Requires Munitions and 70% viability on Eos.
  • Versatility: Nexus security develops a method for squads to carry a larger variety of gear into the field. Permanently unlocks one additional consumables slot. Requires Always Prepared and 90% viability on Eos.
  • APEX Tactics: APEX adds new tactics to their repertoire. Earn 15% more credits for APEX missions.

Commerce Pods

  • Financial Infrastructure: Economic planners lay the infrastructure for a robust financial system that will benefit the outposts. Earn credits from investments at regular intervals.
  • Financial Infrastructure II: Economic planners lay the infrastructure for a robust financial system that will benefit the outposts. Earn a large amount of credits from investments at regular intervals. Requires Financial Infrastructure.
  • Grey Market Connections: Allies ensure Initiative representatives enter negotiations with a stronger position. Improve prices when buying and selling items.
  • Market Dominance Initiative: influence on markets in Heleus is felt. Traders allow access to more of their inventory in an attempt to stay competitive. Gain access to special inventories from merchants. Requires Grey Market Connections
  • Trade Capacity: Strategic placement of Nexus resources increases the capacity for trade and transport. Increases inventory capacity.


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