Alien Tech Augmentations

These augmentations are "Researched", meaning they may only be purchased one time, and if you apply them to an item you will have to deconstruct it to retrieve the augmentation. In order to buy the augmentation, you will need to spend "Research Data" of each kind of Tech. Click on the header to sort

Name Type Description Cost
battlefield_assist_moduleBattlefield Assist Module
Gun, Chest (Weapon) When health and shields are full: +20% Damage (Chest) When health is 20% or lower: +25% Resistance to All Damage 50
Gun When the current ammo clip is empty, drains 5% of health and refills the clip 50
concentration_moduleConcentration Module
Gun When shields are 20% or lower: +10% Weapon Accuracy 50
coolant_unitCoolant Unit
Gun Increases clip size by 20% when special ammo is active 50
plasma_charge_systemPlasma Charge System
Gun (Non-shotgun weapon) Fires direct-line explosive plasma bolts; charges weapon to fire a devastating blast (Shotgun) Fires direct-line explosive plasma bolts (each less damage than normal rounds), charges weapon for a more devastating blast 200
ricochet_systemRicochet System
Gun Each projectile can bounce off flat surfaces 100
seeking_plasma_systemSeeking Plasma System
Gun Changes weapon projectile to seeking plasma bolts 100


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