Adept is a Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Adept Information

"Adepts are biotic specialists, capable of disabling and killing enemies with powerful mass effect fields. This profile reconfigures Ryder's biotic implant, enabling him to defeat his opponents without firing a single shot."



Adept Strategies

  • Early Game - picking the "Biotic" training at character creation means you'll have this by default, but otherwise it's one of the harder profiles to obtain and level up, due to it requiring heavy investment in biotic skills only.  However, even at Rank 1, this profile will make all of your low-level biotic skills much more effective.  Stick to medium range and you'll be in the perfect position for crowd control.

  • General Combat - the Adept's unqiue skill comes into play here.  Biotic Combo detonations cause an explosion to occur on each enemy primed.  Using Annihilation, Singularity, or Pull to prime multiple enemies allows you to detonate them all by using Lance or Throw on any one of the primed enemies.  These explosions can be improved to do bonus damage against shielded enemies.

  • Boss Fights - the Adept is a double-edged profile in this regard.  Against the bosses' mooks the Biotic Echoes will be immensely effective at thinning enemy reinforcements while dealing AOE damage to the boss, or inversely taking out the mooks via the secondary detonations.  On the other hand, once you get to a one-on-one scenario, the Adept's signature ability loses nearly all of it's effectiveness.  Still, the significant damage, radius, and force bonuses for biotic skills should not be overlooked.

  • Notable Skills - given the specialty of Adepts, it's difficult to "fit" a combat or tech power here, but if you're using this profile, you're likely going to be using exclusively biotics anyway.

    Singularity, the signature move of Adepts familiar to veterans of Mass Effect, can be a staple of your strategy.

    Throw, a very quick detonator, you can easily get 2 or 3 combo detinations on a single Singularity, which is especially effective on large armored enemies or mobs.  (A Singularity/Throw combo can catch and kill an entire group as they jump out of a dropship.)

    Shockwave, it can be upgraded to be a primer as well as a detonator, allowing you to use it "in-between" another primer and another detonator, maximizing your combo explosions.  Useful to either get lots of Biotic Echoes, or to take advantage of a squadmate's primer while still setting up for a biotic combo of your own.



Adept Ranks

Skill Points Needed in Biotics
Biotic Force
Biotic AoE Damage
Biotic AoE Radius
Biotic Effect Duration
Biotic Combo Radius
(1) Adept  6  15%  15%  15%  20%  20%
(2) Kinetic Warper  24  20%  20%  20%  25%  25%
(3) Kinetic Channeler  54  25%  25%  25%  30%  30%
(4) Kinetic Wielder  99  30%  30%  30%  35%  35%
(5) Kinetic Master  156  35%  35%  35%  40%  40%
(6) Ultimate Adept  232  40%  40%  40%  45%  45%

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      I added what I thought were some tips and tricks for this profile, and I saw that someone else already mentioned some things.

      I kept the information as intact as possible, only restructuring the format. (Thank you for the thoughts, they are good ideas.)

      Same deal as with Explorer, Vanguard, Sentinel, if you think these are worth posting elsewhere, feel free, just mention my name (CommanderAngel1) and you're set.

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