A Trail of Hope

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A Trail of Hope is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


A Trail of Hope Information

"Jaal has suggested two ways to gain the trust of Evfra and the angara. One mission is on the planet Havarl and one is on the planet Voeld."




  1. Follow Paaran Shie
  2. Enter the Angaran Resistance Headquarters
  3. Return to the Tempest
  4. (Optional) Exhaust dialogue and conversation “rounds” with squadmates and Tempest crew
  5. Go to either Havarl or Voeld
  6. Complete “Helping Havarl's Scientists” (Havarl) OR “Meet the Resistance” and “Stage a Rescue” (Voeld)
  7. (Optional) Undertake and complete Havarl and Voeld side quests
  8. Speak to Evfra and launch the operation to rescue the Moshae




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Meeting a New Race

 Your next step is now to find the other dormant vaults and you will head to the Onaon system which can now be accessed via the Galaxy Map. When you're ready chart a course to trigger a cutscene. The kett will beset you as you travel. Kallo will get you out and to your destination, Aya. This will be your first meeting with the Angara.

 Once you're in the control, follow the governor and follow their rules. Don't scan anything or you'll get gunned down. At the end of the tour interact with the door by Paraan Shie to trigger a cutscene. You will meet Jaal for the first time and he will take you to see Evfra.

 You must gain their trust. For now you can only access its docks. You can pick up some quests from Avela and Sohkaa if you'd like. Talk to Jaal when you're ready and hop back onto the Tempest. You will have to help the Angara on either Havarl or Voeld. You can chat with squadmates and crew at this point for their take on matters. You can complete your main aid objective in Helping Havarl's Scientists or by completing a chain of missions beginning with Meet the Resistance and ending at Stage a Rescue. Once you complete one, the other becomes optional. 

 You will now have Evfra's trust and can stay on Voeld to do other Secondary Ops.


Taking the Fight to the Kett

 When ready to advance the mission, speak to Commander Heckt at the Resistance HQ dock. Jaal will accompany you on this mission along with several troops. You'll come to a shield. Follow the nav to the terminal and interact with it to have SAM hack it. Go through the shield and take out the enemies. Head right to get to the entrance and head down the vents to a large room with Kett.

 Take all of the Kett out here and loot the room. Speak to Heckt and then climb up the ledge and follow the nav to a room to the east. The doors will lock. After, go through the door to the east that leads to a hall. There is an optional room to the south with some loot and info pads and stuff you can scan. Turn around and head to the opposite end and you'll find a room with datapeds and scannables. Go back to the hall and head out the door to the east. Ahead you will find some foes to take out. Interact with the console here to trigger a cutscene.

 Head through the door to the north for some optional objectives like scanning the hologram or listening to the Archon's speech. Head out through the south door and then go east to reach the next area. Hang a left over a hall with glass floors to see the Angarans. Continue east and head right to another hallway. To the right you will find 2 containers to loot. Keep heading east to the main corridor. You will find a lot of Kett here. Take them out carefully using cover. By the north you can scan a Kett core encryption tech in one of the rooms on the ground floor. Scan it and head back up towards the navpoint to the destructible vents. 


The Cardinal

 Open the northeast door to trigger a cutscene. Defeat all of the Kett in here. Speak to Jaal and after the cutscene, you'll come to another room. Defeat the enemies here and go west and then Northwest to get to the shuttle bay. You'll have to take out the Cardinal, who is an ascendant. To damage her you have to wound the Cardinal's Orb. She has a projectile electrical field, a grab attack that is usually a ohko and a mid range orb beam. Just keep moving and stay out of melee range. Figure out her patterns and when the orb goes down, go all out on her. Eventually Kett waves will arrive. Take them out and then return to going after the Cardinal. When down to a third health, more Kett arrive. Repeat and defeat them all and the Cardinal. Speak to the Moshae to trigger a cutscene.

 You can either destroy the facility, preserve it and kill the Cardinal or preserve the facility and spare the Cardinal. How you choose has ramifications for the future.

 To get Moshae to saftey you will have to get past Kett fighters. Stay within Moshae's barrier. At then end you will have to take out a Fiend while you wait for extraction. Stay alive until the extraction and then escape. Eos is now returnable for safer exploration. When ready return to Aya with Moshae and enter the shuttle on the west of the docks to trigger a cutscene. You can explore the city, take on some quests and engage in trade. Make your way to the east and you'll have a cutscene dialogue with Evfra and Moshae. This mission will conclude and Hunting the Archon will begin.



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