Task: Cultivation

Additional Task

Speak to Dr. Camden




Mission 2, Nexus Phase 2

Task: Cultivation is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Task: Cultivation Information

Nexus Hydroponics requires specimens of Andromeda plant life. Search for appropriate specimens to harvest.




  1. Collect Plant Samples (10 Total)



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 Talk to Dr. Camden, he can be found in Nexus hydroponics, out side the Vortex.

 On Eos, collect Neolecta Riftia near some rocks on the southeast side of the lake, near Site 2: Resilience.  

 On havarl, scan and pick Lactarius Assefa, it looks like giant mushroom. Follow navpoint, it's on a hill near a tree.

On havarl, scan and pick Sargania Fructanis, it's on top of a hill near city walls.

 On Voeld, scan and pick Cardacha Cthonis in the vegetation cave in the back of Techiix.

 On Elaaden, scan and pick Lagenaria in a little oasis under a tree.

 On Elaaden, scan and pick Amanita Jatanum in the cave where you find a memory triger.

 On Kadara, scan and pick Rhaum Taelkarum in a acid pool just outside the warden's office.

 On Kadara, scan and pick Nereocystis Hamonia on the side of an acid pool in Sulfur Springs.

 On Kadara, scan and pick Diplazium Dizone under a rock formation on a hill.

 On Kadara, scan and pick Ruberia Majora on one of the hard-surface areas of the shallow acid pool.

 Return to Dr. Camden at Nexus Hydroponics.



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