First Murderer

Secondary Ops
Speak to Mariette
A Better Beginning

First Murderer is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


First Murderer Information

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  1. Speak with the prison guard
  2. Speak with Kandros
  3. Optional: Playback recording
  4. Speak with witness Shaw
  5. Speak with Tann
  6. Investigate murder evidence
  7. Examine omni-tool
  8. Confront Nilken
  9. Speak with Tann




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 Speak to Mariette the crying Turian in the office at Nexus ops. She will tell you that her husband is being accused of murder. Speak to Niken Rensus in the cell nearby. Head across the hall to the room on the other side and speak to Sergeant Aker. Then speak to the prisoner. Head back and talk to Kandros and ask him about the case. However you choose to answer the mission will continue. He will point you to a witness named Cassidy Shaw and will offer to play a recording for you. This is optional and you can hear it from the terminal by the prisoner's wife.

 Make you way to the top of the Nexus bridge and talk to Cassidy Shaw and speak to her. Enter Pathfinder HQ in the Nexus and chat to Tann about the charge. You'll make your way to Eos now. Once there you have to scan and follow the evidence. Head east of the lake in the golden waste to find some leg armor. Scan it for the clue. Head southeast then to find the helmet between some rocks in the sand. Head east now to the navpoint to find the chest piece between boulders. SAM will tell you how the victim died. Go southeas to find a navpoint and scan the area to find piees of armor. 

 Drive east to the mountain and head into the cave, being mindful of the enemies inside. Once inside, scan the equipment inside the cave and approach the body to get a search prompt. You discover the truth! Head back to the Nexus cells and talk to Nilken. However you respond, Sam will play the recording. Finish you chat and talk to Tann. Select the option to talk about the murder and explain the case. You can choose to either release Nilken or exile him. If you free him you can talk to his wife and you can choose to reveal the truth. Later you can find Nilken in the cryobay, destraught. If you exile him you can chat to Kandros for his reaction and can find Nilken later on Kadara where he thanks you for exiling him. 




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